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3d modelling services


1 hour = 30 EUR

*VAT included


The price is equal to the spent time on the project. In some cases the price is fixed, every project is individual so it's an important detail to be discussed.



SketchUp Pro, Layout, V-Ray for SketchUp, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


All software is legally used. While there is piracy worldwide, you have an opportunity to work with a business which is working legally. 




Native language - Lithuanian

Other languages - English, Spanish


The company is registered in Lithuania, I am physically in Spain and I could work with you in any language mentioned above.

Service description


I could be your personal 3D assistant! Not every designer is skilly in 3D modelling and if it's skilly - not everyone has time for it.

Feel free to send me your sketches, and describe what final product you need and I'll prepare the 3D model for you. More, I can help you to transform your project into a presentation using „Adobe“ products. There is no limit to industries that can use „SketchUp“products but here are some examples:

- Interior design models;

- Architectural models;

- Landscape design models;

- Product design models;

- Objects for 3D Warehouse library;

- 3D modeling from PointClouds.


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