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workflow consulting


Depends on the case

*VAT included


The price is equal to the spent time on the project. In some cases the price is fixed, every project is individual so it's an important detail to be discussed.



SketchUp Pro, Layout, V-Ray for SketchUp, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


My offered workflow will include mentioned software but we will be able to analyze each case individually according to the needs of customer.




Native language - Lithuanian

Other languages - English, Spanish


The company is registered in Lithuania, I am physically in Spain and I could work with you in any language mentioned above.

Service description


Software is a tool to help us be more efficient, not a solution. To be successful you need to know tools and how to use them effectively. Software effectiveness depends not only on the product quality but how the user has adapted the capacities of the software to his or her need, and the final product. For example, do you need a 3D model for manufacturing a product? Or maybe you need it for representation to customers? Each case is individual, so a person with the knowledge of software could help you by getting familiar with your needs.


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